Sex Crimes

If you’re facing a sexual assault charge of any time, you are facing a lifetime of being registered as a sex offender if convicted. This designation will limit your job opportunities, make you ineligible for certain benefits, and limit your housing options. These charges are serious, and we’ll make sure we learn the finer points of the charges you’re facing.

A sex crime charge doesn’t mean you are guilty. However, if you don’t hire an attorney who has experience defending against these charges, you could be facing jail time, serious damage to your personal and professional reputation, and a life-long felony conviction record.

We’ve defended those who are unfairly accused of a sex crime as well as those who were mistakenly identified as a perpetrator of a sex crime. Thanks to our years of experience handling criminal cases, we know there are certain aspects of the crime which must be proven including intent.

Never forget that as a defendant in a sex crimes case you have rights. We’re committed to not only preserving your rights, but we’re also committed to making sure the prosecutor has to prove every aspect of a case in order to secure a conviction. Contact the Indianapolis office of Levin Law, LLC if you’re facing a sex crime charge in Indiana and let us build a strong defense on your behalf.