Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges can result in jail time, job loss, and loss of your rights to be a parent to your children. Combine these penalties with the damage to your reputation, the potential loss of your rights to own or possess a firearm, and the stress of defending yourself and it’s clear to see why you need an attorney.

Finding an attorney who has the skills, court experience, and knowledge of Indiana’s domestic violence laws is not just a necessity, it’s mandatory. The consequences are too serious for you to take these charges lightly.

Unfortunately, not every domestic violence charge is made in good faith. Oftentimes, bitter feelings due to a relationship which ended badly, arguments over custody or visitation of a child, or other disputes result in charges being filed. Without the right attorney, you could be facing jail time for a crime that you didn’t commit.

Contact Levin Law, LLC if you’re facing a domestic violence charge of any kind. We have experience fighting stalking, battery, and criminal confinement charges. No matter how serious the charges against you, you can count on us to mount an aggressive defense. Thanks to our years of experience as prosecutors, we have courtroom experience, and we understand the charges which may be filed by Indiana prosecutors.