Criminal Defense

Facing a criminal charge is serious and you need an attorney who will aggressively defend you in court. Whether you’re facing a relatively minor misdemeanor charge or a felony charge in Indiana, we are here to help.

With a former deputy district attorney and assistant prosecutor working on your behalf, we will put our extensive trial experience to use defending you against the charges you are facing. Taking the time to dig down into the facts of the case, including the circumstances of your arrest, reviewing the charges against you, and careful review of all witnesses against you is vitally important when you’re facing criminal charges.

You can feel confident you’re getting the best possible defense when you hire us to defend you. We take the charges you are facing seriously and will make sure you understand the possible outcomes and penalties.

We understand every case is slightly different. We have experience handling minor drug possession charges as well as more serious drug distribution charges among others. Never take chances when facing a criminal charge. Hire an attorney who has experience with the court system.

Contact Levin Law, LLC at our Indianapolis office if you are facing a criminal charge in Indiana. We handle all types of criminal cases from a misdemeanor charge through more serious felony charges. We have successfully defended those facing DUI, domestic violence, and drug crimes.