Levin Law, LLC

Indianapolis Criminal Defense

Attorney Joshua LevinCriminal charges of any kind may have serious consequences for the rest of your life. We understand when you’re facing a criminal charge, it’s probably one of the darkest times of your life. When you work with Levin Law, LLC, you’ll be working with a knowledgeable, aggressive, understanding attorney. We’re here to represent you in court, and when necessary, outside of court.

We know when you’re facing a criminal charge, it’s likely it was something you are financially ill-prepared for. That’s why we’re happy to accept credit cards and make sure you have an advocate working hard to help you fight back against a small infraction, a misdemeanor charge, or a serious felony.

We’re happy to meet with you for a free consultation so you know what you’re up against. We’ll take the time to understand the charges you’re facing and help you chart a path to move forward without a criminal record haunting you for the rest of your life. We’ll be striving for the best possible outcome.

Whether you’re facing a first DUI charge or a serious charge like manslaughter or murder, contact Levin Law, LLC immediately. Thanks to years serving as a prosecutor, you’ll be working with someone who has extensive courtroom experience, and someone with the experience to present an aggressive defense on your behalf.